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Synergy Jeep Gladiator JT 2 & 3 Inch Stage 2 Suspension System

Part #: 8852-JTSTAGE-2
Weight: 98.7 lbs
  • MSRP: $3245.00
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  • Weight
    98.7 lbs
  • SKU

Fits: 2020+ Jeep Gladiator JT
Lift Height:  2 & 3 inches (Over Stock Rubicon)
Wheel Travel: Stock
Tire Size: Up to 39-inch Rubicon, 37-inch non-Rubicon

Synergy MFG Suspension Systems use a synergistic approach, meaning the combined effect of the components is greater than the sum of the individual parts. The overall performance of the system is the most important factor when we are designing components to work together. Synergy MFG Suspension Systems are complete systems for your vehicle and include all necessary components for the lift height and performance advertised.  

The Jeep JT Stage 2 Suspension System is a coil spring 2 & 3-inch lift designed around 40-inch tires for Rubicon models and 37-inch tires for non-Rubicon models (See fender and bump stop spacing recommendations below). This system is designed to be the most capable performance coil spring lift in its price category with room to upgrade as needed. 


  • Coil spring suspension system to easily fit larger tires
  • Improved off road and on road performance
  • Includes all components necessary to get you on the trail
  • Complete Bolt-on System for easy install
  • Compatible with OEM wheels
  • No maintenance required for all included components
  • Lifetime Warranty on all hard parts
  • Fully upgradeable to higher level systems


  • Multi-rate, progressively wound coil springs increase lift height to 2 & 3 inches over stock. Front and rear coil springs are all new and have been designed specifically for the JT platform. Like OEM, the coil springs are unique lengths for each corner of the vehicle to compensate for weight distribution and prevent leaning. Longest in class free length prevents coil springs from coming unseated at full articulation and coil spring block height has been designed around optimal bump stop spacing for the lift height and tire size. Industry first "closed and ground" front coil springs ensure perfect fitment with the included front lower coil spring isolators. Our coil springs are guaranteed to resist bowing and have a lifetime guarantee against sagging/breakage.
  • Front and rear adjustable track bars center the axles on the Jeep, maintains factory geometry and improves lateral stiffness compared to OE track bars.
  • Front and rear control arms are adjustable to allow for caster correction and re-centering of the front axle. The arms are made of 1.75" X .188" Wall 1026 DOM and feature maintenance free dual durometer bushings are used at both ends for uncompromised articulation.
  • Front and rear bump stop spacer kits are included to provide the necessary clearance required for larger tires. front bump stop spacing is adjustable from 2-4 inches in 1-inch increments without having to remove any hardware.
  • Front and rear sway bar link relocation brackets maintain factory sway bar geometry to allow full articulation of the rear suspension and maintain compatibility with stock wheels.
  • Rear brake lines in the 3 inch kit allow the suspension to fully articulate without putting unnecessary stress on the line and fittings. Failure to do so can cause tears or leaks. 
  • Suspension components feature a two-stage, abrasion-resistant powder coat finish for maximum durability and corrosion resistance.
  • 100% bolt on components assure an easy, trouble free installation with the use of basic hand tools.

Kit Includes:

8852-2000 - Jeep Gladiator JT
Stage 2, 2 Inch System 
8852-3000 -  Jeep Gladiator JT
Stage 2, 3 Inch System
(1) 8863-20 2" Front Coil Springs, Pair
(1) 8865-20 2" Rear Coil Springs, Pair
(1) 8057-10 Snap-Lock Bump Stop Spacers
(1) 8858-20  Rear Bump Stop Extension, 2.0 Tall
(1) 8875-01 Front Adjustable Track Bar
(1) 8855-02 Front Sway Bar Relocation Brackets
(1) 8881-01 Rear Adjustable Track Bar
(1) 8808-01 Rear Sway Bar Drop Brackets
(1) 8851-01 Front Adjustable Lower Control Arms
(1) 8853-01 Front Adjustable Upper Control Arms
(1) 8871-01 Rear Adjustable Lower Control Arms
(1) 8870-01 Rear Adjustable Upper Control Arms

(1) 8863-30 3 " Front Coil Springs, Pair
(1) 8865-30 3 " Rear Coil Springs, Pair
(1) 8057-10 Snap-Lock Bump Stop Spacers
(1) 8858-20  Rear Bump Stop Extension, 2.0 Tall
(1) 8859-10 Front Sway Bar Links With Disconnects
(1) 8875-01 Front Adjustable Track Bar
(1) 8855-02 Front Sway Bar Relocation Brackets
(1) 8881-01 Rear Adjustable Track Bar
(1) 8861-11 Rear Sway Bar Links
(1) 8866-05 Rear Braided Steel Brake Lines
(1) 8851-01 Front Adjustable Lower Control Arms
(1) 8853-01 Front Adjustable Upper Control Arms
(1) 8871-01 Rear Adjustable Lower Control Arms
(1) 8870-01 Rear Adjustable Upper Control Arms

pdf-icon.gifInstallation Instructions


  • If using Stock Shocks with the 2 inch system, this part MUST be used 8817 - JT Shock Relocation Brackets.
  • If installing 2 inch system on a DIESEL Jeep Gladiator, 8861-11 Synergy Jeep Gladiator Rear Sway Bar Links MUST be used Instead of 8808-01 rear Sway Bar Drop Brackets.
  • Synergy MFG coil springs lift the vehicle the advertised height over stock based on a fully loaded JT Rubicon. Other JT models will see more lift over stock. These coil springs do not lift taller than advertised. The stock rake based off the Rubicon model is kept to retain its load carrying capacity. If you prefer the vehicle to sit level when unloaded, we recommend adding a small coil spacer to the front (up to 3/4 inch without affecting up travel or causing coil bind, 8017-075).
  • Synergy MFG is not responsible for maintaining finish of products. Environmental factors will affect rate of corrosion and wear for items advertised to be corrosion resistant. We recommend using protective coatings for all items that will see extended outdoor and off road use. We have had great experience with the Fluid Film product and recommend it and similar products for any items susceptible to damage from corrosion. It is great for keeping double adjuster assemblies working like new and protecting shock bodies from the elements.

Wheel and Tire Fitment:

Recommended tire size is limited by fender clearance. With higher clearance fenders or trimmed fenders, larger tires may be fitted. Bump stop spacing should be matched to the collapsed length of the shocks. Mismatched bump stop spacing and shocks will limit the available travel from the system.

Recommended tire size and wheel backspacing:

Gladiator ModelFendersWheel BackspacingRecommended Tire Size for 2" SpringsRecommended Tire Size for 3" Springs
Rubicon/MojaveUnmodified StockStock Wheels36 Inch37 Inch
Rubicon/MojaveUnmodified Stock4.5 Inch or less35 Inch37 Inch
Rubicon/MojaveTrimmed stock or High ClearanceStock Wheels37 Inch37 Inch
Rubicon/MojaveTrimmed stock or High Clearance4.5 Inch or less37 Inch39 Inch
Sport Max TowUnmodified StockStock Wheels35 Inch37 Inch
Sport Max TowUnmodified Stock4.5 Inch or less35 Inch36 Inch
Sport Max TowTrimmed stock or High ClearanceStock Wheels37 Inch37 Inch
Sport Max TowTrimmed stock or High Clearance4.5 Inch or less37 Inch37 Inch
Non-RubiconUnmodified StockStock Wheels35 Inch35 Inch
Non-RubiconUnmodified Stock4.5 Inch or less35 Inch36 Inch
Non-RubiconTrimmed stock or High ClearanceStock Wheels35 Inch35 Inch
Non-RubiconTrimmed stock or High Clearance4.5 Inch or less37 Inch37 Inch

These recommendations will result in no or very little rubbing at full articulation and steering. Some stock bumper configurations may require more trimming than others. Less than our recommended bump stop spacing can be run (up to 2 inches of bump stop spacing), but fenders and inner fenders will need to be trimmed for additional clearance.

Backspacing recommendations are based on wheel offset and wheel spacer combinations. With stock wheels, adding wheel spacers is equivalent to running 4.5 inches or less of backspacing.

Lift Height:

Gladiator ModelLift Height Over Stock
Rubicon3 Inches
Mojave3 Inches

Shock Fitment:

Shock TypeFront 2" Lift
Rear 2" LiftFront 3" LiftRear 3" Lift
Fox 2.0 IFP985-24-179
Fox 2.0 RR885-24-248
Fox 2.5 DSC883-26-051
Fox 3.0 IBP883-26-080
King 2.5"KRS-25001-375A
Min shock length:18"19"19.875"19.875"
Max shock length:29"28.5"29.5"29.5"

Recommended aftermarket shock fitment if not running Synergy Tuned Shocks.
1. Rear shock mounts in the highest position (brackets closest to the body of the Jeep).
2. May not be compatible with stock wheel backspacing.

WARNING: Operating, servicing and maintaining a passenger vehicle or off-road vehicle can expose you to chemicals including engine exhaust, carbon monoxide, phthalates, and lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. To minimize exposure, avoid breathing exhaust, do not idle the engine except as necessary, service your vehicle in a well-ventilated area and wear gloves or wash your hands frequently when servicing your vehicle.
For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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