Synergy Premium Copper Infused Anti-Seize

Synergy Premium Copper Infused Anti-Seize

Part #: 4118
Weight: 1 lbs
  • Price: $25.00
  • This Premium Copper Infused Anti-Seize contains a Calcium Sulfonate compound with copper additives
  • Provides outstanding resistance to rust and corrosion
  • Will prevent thread galling or freezing for most threaded applications. 
  • High heat resistance, from -40°F to 356°F. 
  • 8oz Brush Top bottle recommended for us on all our steering links and control arms
  • meets US MIL SPEC: MIL-PRF-907E.

Recommended for:

  • Tie Rod ends, Jam Nuts
  • Control arm joints
  • Most threaded applications where protection of threads is a consideration

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      1 lbs

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